Walk in stupid every morning

This is what we do. We walk into work stupid every morning and "Blender Man" (called this because his head is a blender) is the first thing we see when we come through our front door. He serves as a constant reminder of the ethos of the company and how we approach each day. As Dan Wieden says,

"When you don’t know, you try desperately to find out. But the minute you think you know, the minute you go – oh, yeah, we’ve been here before, no sense reinventing the wheel – you stop learning, stop questioning, and start believing in your own wisdom, you’re dead. You’re not stupid anymore, you are f*****g dead."

This is our approach to our clients and the work we do for them. We arrive with open minds and see everyday as a new opportunity to learn and find new answers. We don’t rely on conventional wisdom.