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I Love Doing Dishes!

To recognise people’s hatred for washing up by hand, we created ironic musical I Love Doing Dishes! for Finish’s latest global advertising drive.

The campaign is led by a 75” film which will play out in a number of countries worldwide including China, Brazil, South Africa and Turkey, where hand-washing is still the norm for the majority of people.

The multi-platform campaign holds a mirror up to the absurdity of washing dishes by hand, while the song lyrics, written by our talented team, express the numerous niggles of this mundane and repetitive chore. The ad culminates with the inflation of a giant yellow rubber glove, which finally bursts to a voiceover advising to “leave dishwashing to dishwashers”.

The iconic exploding glove will be used across media channels including print, out-of-home and social, while radio edits of the song will be aired at the times of day when people are most likely to be hands deep in the sink.

Creative Directors Carlos Alija and Laura Sampedro said: “It’s always challenging to tackle such diverse audiences across the world, but tapping into the universal shared misery of having to wash the dishes by hand opened up creative space relevant to all.”

The film was directed by Ian Pons Jewell via Friend, while the digital assets and CGI were produced by Time Based Arts. Lyrics and original music created by W+K London, final composition and recording by Warner Music.

Pokémon GO ‘City Celebrations’

This month marks the launch of Pokémon GO ‘City Celebrations’, our first creative project with Niantic.

To celebrate Pokémon GO’s one year anniversary, we created a global outdoor and digital campaign, which launched in London, New York and Tokyo.

Niantic confirmed the partnership today via its blog: “As we head into Pokémon GO’s one year anniversary this summer, we wanted to celebrate a few of our top Trainer cities by acknowledging their accomplishments in the form of near real-time stats being published about local Pokémon GO gameplay activity.

“Many of these billboards have been activated as PokéStops in the game, allowing Trainers to engage with them to collect valuable items. Of course, there are many more cities and Trainers to celebrate out there and we plan to honour them in the days and weeks ahead.”

Look out for more exciting work to come.