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Babbel – Missing Out

We took a trip to Barcelona with Babbel, the language learning app, to find out just how much English speakers miss out on abroad by not speaking the local language.

In the experiment, British tourists were offered some of the best holiday experiences imaginable, all for free. A yacht, a helicopter, a personal butler, €5,000 spending money, you name it. All they had to do was say “si”. Watch below to see how they fared.

The spot, directed by Tom Gorst and produced by Full Fat Films, was created as part of Babbel’s Be A Better Brit Abroad campaign and will broadcast across social platforms.

Arla Cravendale – The Moonicow

We’re on a hunt for The Moonicow in our latest work for Arla Cravendale.

The mockumentary takes viewers to the fictional village of Cravendale, where residents – known as Cravendalians – claim the unbelievable fresh tasting attribute of its milk comes from the mythical Moonicow.

The film is directed by Brass Eye’s Michael Cumming and features a mix of interviews, rural landscapes, newspaper clippings, photographs, folk art and vintage footage to bring the legend of The Moonicow to life. The spot is produced by Moxie with VFX by MPC and sound by String and Tins.

The campaign will run throughout August on TV, VOD and social media with support from key celebrities and food bloggers.