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Sainsbury’s goes all in for Valentine’s Day

Our new Sainsbury’s Valentine’s Day spot celebrates UK romantics as they Go All In to pull together the perfect Valentine’s surprise for their loved ones.

After all, what’s more romantic than making a proper effort and stepping out of your comfort zone to do something unexpected for your sweetheart, whether that be commandeering the kitchen, decorating the lounge for date night or making a left field purchase for your partner of fifty years.

The campaign is spearheaded by a 30″ TVC, directed by Chris Balmond.


Facebook honours Nike Training Club Live

Two of Facebook’s creative leaders, Valentina Culatti and KJ Weir, have picked their top campaigns of 2018 – and have given special mention to our work for Nike on Instagram Live.

“Nike wanted to reach a younger audience not engaged with fitness,” said Culatti and Weir. “It chose Instagram to show that if you have time to scroll, tap or swipe, then you have time to work out. It was a brilliant insight expertly executed, with 30 days of live workouts on Instagram Live featuring Nike athletes in London, Paris, Berlin and New York. It was incredible.

“Story ads drove users to the channel, workouts were posted on Instagram Live at the same time every day, organic posts and polls connected the audience with the athletes between the workouts and the most popular workouts were repackaged and pushed to IGTV for the on-demand audience. It was like nothing we have ever seen on Instagram Live.”

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