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Bakita Kasadha visits W+K to mark World AIDS Day

To mark the 30th anniversary of World AIDS Day, we welcomed poet, speaker and trainer Bakita Kasadha into the agency to challenge static perceptions and assumptions around being HIV+.

Bakita, who has performed poetry and delivered talks internationally, including at TEDxCoventGarden and the Houses of Parliament, spoke to W+K about the challenges and stigma of living with HIV and how the rapid advancement of medication has changed the landscape for those affected.

It was a real privilege to hear Bakita speak with candour, intelligence and humour on a potentially tough topic – big thanks to her and the W+Ked team for organising.

Vicky Featherstone visits W+K

We were lucky enough to welcome Vicky Featherstone, artistic director of the Royal Court, into the agency this morning as part of our W+Ked speaker programme.

Vicky was recently named as the most influential person working in British theatre, as she topped The Stage’s 100 power list, following her swift and galvanising response to the #MeToo movement.

We heard from Vicky about the results of her “No Grey Area” day of action, an influential code of behaviour and the implications – both negative and positive – of true equality. It was a real privilege to kick off the day with such a thought-provoking talk, massive thanks to both Vicky for coming and the W+Ked team for organising.