Welcome to Optimism

W+K welcomes Trump to London

As part of this year’s D&AD festival, we teamed up with artist Edel Rodriguez for Hell Is Empty, an exhibition of his hard-hitting illustrations. With Donald Trump taking centre stage in much of the work, we thought it’d only be right to keep the public exhibition open to welcome the US President to London for his state visit, which starts today.

Edel, dubbed “America’s Illustrator-in-chief” by Fast Company, said of the work: “Children in cages, neo-nazis in the streets, an environment collapsing around us, and a leader who revels in chaos. These are topics that I have been commenting upon on a daily basis in today’s America. My confrontational works have appeared on magazine covers, television, exhibition floors, and at protest rallies throughout the United States.”

The exhibition will be on display this week at Hanbury Street, London.

The Kennedys launch a ‘DOSE of V1BES’

Londoners are notoriously anti-social during their daily commute, especially at this time of the year in which the days are dark and the weather is cruel. In a bid to boost the mood of passers-by, The Kennedys, W+K London’s young creative students, have created colour-therapy installation ‘DOSE of V1BES’.

Taking over our public-facing Hanbury Street window, ‘DOSE of V1BES’ is a soothing installation, where the public can get an emotional uplift by pressing buttons that match their current mood and experience their own personal colour-fuelled light created to show which looks to boost their vibe. Adapting learnings from colour therapy, the window helps to provoke emotive responses, including excitement, joy and optimism.

Come by Hanbury Street  to try out the installation before Feb 1.