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Arla Cravendale – The Moonicow

We’re on a hunt for The Moonicow in our latest work for Arla Cravendale.

The mockumentary takes viewers to the fictional village of Cravendale, where residents – known as Cravendalians – claim the unbelievable fresh tasting attribute of its milk comes from the mythical Moonicow.

The film is directed by Brass Eye’s Michael Cumming and features a mix of interviews, rural landscapes, newspaper clippings, photographs, folk art and vintage footage to bring the legend of The Moonicow to life. The spot is produced by Moxie with VFX by MPC and sound by String and Tins.

The campaign will run throughout August on TV, VOD and social media with support from key celebrities and food bloggers.

David Kestner – Living in Beta

We had the pleasure of welcoming David Kestner, founder of the Design Thinkers Academy, into the agency last week as part of our W+Ked speakers programme.

David has a rich history of leading design projects for industry and government and has worked in the creative sector for more than 25 years, including as a former Chief Executive of the UK Design Council and D&AD.

His talk, Living in Beta, discussed the role of design thinking in problem solving – in and out of the creative industry. We heard about the Design Council’s involvement in NHS health innovation programmes, where design played a crucial role in rethinking approaches to infection control, dignity and dementia.

Thanks to David for a genuinely enlightening and thought-provoking morning.