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Founders’ Day Frolics

Horse guard

Kyla tower

Every year, every wieden+kennedy office has a Founders’ Day spectacular, on or around April Fools’ day, to commemmorate the founding of the agency. It’s not just a party, it’s a treasure hunt / bonding session / low-rent version of The Apprentice. WK London’s 2011 extravaganza took place last week and had a royal wedding theme. Here are a few of the many pictures from the day.
Neil kilt
Paulo bell
Sylvan postbox
With busker


Alex gown


We Rock


Last night’s Founders’ Day party climaxed in rock karaoke with a live band. There were some inspired performances. The Paul McCartney lookalike was booed off before he could even start his song. Above: Pat McKay goes Iggy; Becky tries not to get his sweat on herself.

Below: oblivious to abuse from audience, Christie hogs the mic to sing yet another number.