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Meet the next leaders of British creativity…

For a special Cannes celebration issue, Campaign shone a spotlight on “the next leaders of British commercial creativity who are making culture”.

The feature included a selection of upstarts from across the industry, nominated by Campaign writers and creative leaders. W+K London’s Tom Bender and Tom Corcoran made the cut for their work on Nike’s Nothing Beats a Londoner, nominated by BBH’s Ian Heartfield and Anthony Austin.

Check out Tom and Tom’s top-drawer catalogue poses below.

Tom Corcoran left, Tom Bender top right

Nike’s Nothing Beats a Londoner cleans up at Cannes

Nothing Beats a Londoner, Nike’s epic ode to all things London, smashed it at Cannes Lions 2018, picking up a Titanium, Grand Prix, three Golds, three Silvers and eight shortlists, helping W+K London to place third among all UK agencies.

Of our entries, we won the Titanium and a Grand Prix in the inaugural Social & Influencer category for best multi-platform social campaign. We also won a Gold in Film and two Silvers – one in Mobile for influencer/talent, and the second in ​Social & Influencer for c​o​nsumer durables​.

Mindshare’s entries picked up a further two Golds and one Silver.

“London is a sports obsessed city and its intersection with culture, sparked by the next generation of youth, is shaping a new wave of creative expression and celebration of sports,” said Jamie McCall, Marketing Director London/West, Nike.

“’Nothing Beats a Londoner’ put a spotlight on this vibrant movement and a more exciting, inclusive sports community with Nike at the heart of getting young Londoners moving across the city.

“’Nothing Beats a Londoner’ is a long-term point-of-view and Nike is committed to making this playground even better for young people in the city, creating unique, inspirational product and experiences that help them unlock their potential through the power of sport.”