On Thursday, we welcomed back to the agency the 30 students from Sir George Monoux Sixth Form College and Mulberry School for Girls who are taking part in our WK Good Jobs Programme. This was the second of three workshops we are running for them, and the aim was to teach them how to be Creatives for the afternoon.
Our Tom and Ellen planned and delivered an amazing workshop. The students had to find the benefits of Lurpak butter, pair this with stereotypes about either old age pensioners, dads or students, and then come up with an app or TV ad idea that they will go on to produce in the final session.
Roseanne, Charlotte, Liv, Holly, Peigh, and Rachel worked with teams of students to complete each task.
The students came up with some really interesting ideas to bring forward, although we’re still figuring out how we’re going to source an army of butter Grannies to film one group’s ad next time.