Monday saw a day of celebration for our Forever Curious project. Following an inspiring series of ‘my creative spark’ card creation sessions and spark card workshops with pupils from Millfelds and Newport primary schools, we held an exhibition of the work we’ve been creating together over the past couple of months, at The Rag Factory, just off Brick Lane.
The photos that follow were taken by our talented WracK Edit Assistant, Lainey Richardson.
Our buddies and their teachers joined us in the afternoon to check out their very own private view of the exhibition. We all sat down to share our stories of creativity after exploring installations of spark cards, robots and super hero drawings created by the kids and W+Kers, as well as photographs documenting the workshop day. The schools were also treated to a special screening of a short film we created to capture a day bursting with creativity, naturally accompanied by some popcorn to really set the cinema scene.
At the end of each session, the participating children were given an official certificate celebrating their “sparkiness” and a scrapbook to help keep those creative sparks burning brightly.
We loved having the chance to spend some time with our buddies again and see the exhibition through their eyes.
The feedback we received from pupils and adults alike was a testament to the incredible thought, energy, care and passion that the Forever Curious team have dedicated in to the project over the past month.
We’ll leave you with the delightful manifesto that accompanied the exhibition, crafted by Creative Directors Dan and Ray.