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Sainsbury's – Food Dancing

The challenge

To drive brand warmth and mental availability for Sainsbury’s by re-energising the brand with a fresh, distinctive take on food.

What we did

Our first work for Sainsbury’s celebrates the real power of food – not just a set of ingredients on a plate, or Instagram eye-candy, but something that lies at the heart of living well, bringing us joy and making us feel good. In doing so, it pours meaning back into Sainsbury’s endline “live well for less”.
‘Food Dancing’ shines a light on a secret but ubiquitous kitchen behaviour that totally sums up the simple joy that can come with food. That personal moment when you’re in the kitchen, you’re totally in the rhythm of cooking, and you’re dancing to your favourite tune.

To celebrate and share this phenomenon, Wieden+Kennedy have created a song and music video that captures the spirit of food dancing. The song ‘Food Dancing (Yum Yum Yum)’ is available on Spotify, and was written by UK artist MysDiggi – who had his first job at Sainsbury’s and whose mum also works in store. The music video and TV spots were directed by Siri Bunford at Knucklehead, featuring real people dancing in their own kitchens, all across the UK – including a Sainsbury’s colleague, Richard Hetherson – a ‘body pop and locking’ baker!

The effects

Recently launched, we’ll be keeping an eye on results to report on impact and effectiveness in the near future.

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