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Jude Kelly visits W+K London

This morning we were lucky enough to welcome the wonderful Jude Kelly CBE, Artistic Director at London’s Southbank Centre, which encompasses the Hayward Gallery, Royal Festival Hall, Queen Elizabeth Hall, Saison Poetry Library and the Arts Council Collection.

She spoke to us as part of our W+Ked internal speaker’s programme, where we invite luminaries to talk about subjects that spark discussion and debate in the agency.

Jude offered an inspiring insight into the curation process at the Southbank Centre, which caters for more than 25 million visitors every year. She also discussed the importance of surrounding yourself with people who make you and your work better: “the best story-telling I can do is by working with people who are not just telling my story.”

A big thanks to Jude for her time.



Harriet Minter talk at W+K

It’s International Women’s Day today! This morning, we welcomed Harriet Minter, journalist and broadcaster, at W+K. Harriet founded and edited the Guardian’s Women in Leadership section. She now writes a column for them on Women in Tech all while hosting The Badass Women’s Hour on TalkRadio. She’s written for publications including The Times, Huffington Post and The Pool.  She regularly speaks on the future of work, digital media and women’s rights.
Today at W+K, Harriet gave us a talk titled ‘Proceed until apprehended’, she looking at the links between failure, creativity and success. In 2012 she founded the Guardian’s Women in Leadership section, six weeks later it looked like it was going to close. She explained how she used her mantra of “proceed until apprehended” to convince an organisation to back her idea, why she takes an hour a week to practice failing and what we can all learn from a toddler. She also talked about how people approach failure differently, and why the greatest barrier to creativity isn’t failure but inertia.
Happy International Women’s Day!