We are very pleased to say that Forever Curious is back for its second year!

Forever Curious is an agency initiative, where we work with young people in our local community to nurture their creativity. To us, it is just as important to learn from others during the activities as sharing our skills.


Last year, we focused on a project called My Creative Spark. Our creative spark cards helped capture and share the moment when people feel most creative and when inspiration strikes.

This year, we’ve evolved the idea with our new project, My Creative Story. Stories are at the heart of creativity. By reading stories aloud or bringing them to life, we can create images and ideas in the minds of the listeners too. Stories allow us to be seen and heard creatively. Stories encourage people to unite and share. Stories are universal. Stories transcend age, race, religion and position.


So last Friday, volunteers from the agency were reunited with the schoolchildren from Milllfields Community School and Newport Primary School they worked with last year. We also welcomed some new helpers from W+K.

First, we warmed up our brains with some unusual and exciting icebreaker games. We played quick-fire story telling rounds and had a great time pretending to be characters from our favourite stories.


Once our brains were feeling pumped and ready for some creativity we were each given a specially designed creative story card, pre-loaded with prompts and space to get creative. We all had a great time filling in the boxes with writing, pictures and doodles as we built our stories. It was inspiring to hear everyone’s creative stories and the titles they chose, as both children and adults read aloud to the whole group.


We have a lot more planned for My Creative Story, with two more interactive workshops coming up, and an exhibition filled with all the wonderful work that builds up from My Creative Story.