Wieden+Kennedy is giving the local East London community a sweet treat in exchange for a good deed via a Chocolate Coin Factory installed in our Hanbury Street office window space. The machine, named Dan & Dave’s Chocolate Coin Factory after W+K founders Dan Wieden and David Kennedy, magically transforms a £1 coin into pure optimism – a traditional Christmas chocolate coin with a special W+K twist.

When a £1 coin is inserted into a slot, the peculiar copper and brass machine comes to life in a symphony of hoots, stamping and whirling wheels, and a specially designed Wieden+Kennedy gold chocolate coin pops out at the other end. All proceeds from the installation will go towards a new playground for Millfields Community School, a primary school in East London with the smallest outdoor space despite being one of the largest schools in the borough.

W+K creative team Toby Treyer-Evans and Laurie Howell collaborated with sculptor Ben Hughes, artist Joshua T Howell, sound design company String and Tins and cinematographer Henry Lockyer to create the installation, and the film was given an extra dose of visual warmth and polish by colourist Houmam Abdallah at Electric Theatre Collective.