The Kennedys

The Kennedys

The Kennedys is our annual fully-paid, five month creative crash course, designed to give those a chance to get into advertising who may not have otherwise had the opportunity.

We teach the secret rules of the trade via workshops, tutorials and briefs that will build a real portfolio of work getting The Kennedys ready for a real full-time job as an advertising creative.

We’ve made multiple hires from the programme, while many others found creative roles at companies including BBC Creative, Mother, Ogilvy and Motel.

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Check out some of the feedback from previous Kennedys below:

“I just want to say, The Kennedys changed my life. It taught me many things, how to think, how to write and so on, but most importantly, it let me find out who I am. The mark it painted on me will always be there.” Yueran Li 2021

“A friend said the Kennedys program is too good to be true, like why would they let you learn from them and pay you at the same time?! Well it’s not a scam. I’ve learnt so much within the lens of creative advertising. The Kennedys has opened up many creative opportunities and connections for me. Would recommend.” Kayla Lui 2021

“The Kennedys helped me find the correct path for my career. I had lost a lot of confidence before coming into this programme but I left finding myself and who I wanted to be. Without the Kennedys I would not be where I am today! I owe them big time.” Abbey Monteiro 2018

“I went from working as a receptionist to working as a creative at one of the largest agencies in the world. And had fun while doing it.” Emma Parkinson 2019

“Being on The Kennedys brought a stable element into my life I’d lost through lockdown. The culture of the program meant I felt safe enough to explore my own creativity. And there’s free bread.” Gabriel Gayle 2021

“My time as a Kennedy was pivotal in my personal and professional growth, like many young creatives, I was stumbling a bit. As someone who decided against University education, I felt somewhat of an imposter in the commercial creative world and was really starting to question my career choice. I always had all the right ingredients to succeed, but something was missing. The people I met (including my fellow Kennedys) were the final part of the recipe. The support and encouragement they provided really helped me to realise my potential and ability, and I actually changed my career path during my time on this programme.

“It was by no means an easy experience and we were always given briefs that challenged us and allowed us to push our creative and teamwork skills. I felt very seen and valued, and even after finishing the programme, I still felt able to reach out for support or advice.” Mina Owen 2019

“For me, I found The Kennedys programme to be a great launching pad into my future. You don’t have to come in or out of it having everything figured out; as long as you learn something you can apply it in whatever path you take, just be creative about it cos that’s the whole point of The Kennedys.” Ruben Cabral 2021

“I feel like there is no better place to start your creative journey than at The Kennedys. I found the program to be very accommodating of the different goals people wanted from it whilst still having a focus on producing and advertising creatives. The program was very dynamic and allowed me to find things that I enjoyed, reinforcing my desire to remain in advertising.” Aaron Hetty 2021

“With The Kennedys I have been introduced to the industry from the inside and discovered the panel of possible roles within it, making me more confident in understanding what role is best for me. Throughout the program I was pushed to take my thinking to unique places which is a skill that’s really helped my work since. I would describe The Kennedys as doing an advertising one year course except it’s compressed within five months and you learn so much more.” Kutcha Bouzin 2021