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Working in Design

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Working as a Creative Placement

Working as a Creative Placement

We’re looking for creatives who excite*, confuse** and age*** us.

*excite us with at least one strong skill.

**confuse us with strong and different ideas.

***age us with things we didn’t think were possible.


We’re looking for doers, not just thinkers. Creatives who can write, design, art direct, code, build, make or prototype.

If you’re what we’re looking for then dear god will you please get in touch?

No CVs.

No cover letters.

Just a portfolio of strong creative ideas.

It’s £81.60 a day for an initial one month placement.

If things go well, we’ll keep rolling up to 3 months.

After that, we might just hire you.

Get in touch with Richard and Jolyon:

Keep it punchy.