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JAN, 2012




LURPAK: BE WONDERFUL AND WISE campaign saw the launch of Lurpak Lightest. Lurpak believe that healthy food doesn’t have to mean boring and in the creative work they wanted to banish for good the overly worthy and slightly sad image of health food. Rather than following category norms of health benefits and dieting messages, the spot celebrates the world of delicious, healthy food by luxuriating in color, texture and taste. All of the elements of the campaign are knitted together with this rainbow spectrum, injecting optimism and lightness into the work.

Our Lightest work encompassed everything from pack design to songwriting and proved that 'healthy doesn't have to be humdrum'. It is Lurpak’s biggest launch in the UK BSM Market for 10 years. Lightest successfully achieved full distribution in the top 6 retailers since launch and sold 1,473 tonnes in the first 5 months alone. Since 2005 the brand value of Lurpak has risen by £118mn to £274mn in 2012, with Lightest is already worth nearly £7m. As a result of the campaign's success in the UK we were awarded the Lurpak business globally at the end of last year. And the campaign also bagged two gold Lions at the Cannes festival.