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Three – Sing It Kitty

The challenge

Three wanted to recruit even more people to its network, establishing their position as the network built for the internet. We set out to build on the success of ‘Pony’, our first brand campaign for the UK telecomms provider.

What we did

The huge success of our ‘Pony’ campaign firmly established that the seemingly stupid, funny and downright daft stuff we look at online on a daily basis isn’t silly after all. It’s what connects us to one another through the simple act of sharing it.

Our ‘Sing It Kitty’ campaign was inspired by the popular Internet craze of lip-synched music videos. The launch broadcast spot turned a shared moment between a young girl and her adorably cute pet kitten into an epic emotional journey.

We let people star in their own lip-synched versions of the ad. We created a web-based app that took a photograph of fans and, through a smart bit of face-morphing technology, they could share a personal version.

The effects

The main spot was viewed 5.7 million times and over 1.5 million people made their own version of the ad in just three weeks. Not just a great result for Three: Starship re-entered the UK Top 40 charts as a result of their track featuring in the campaign!

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