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Momentary Materiality exhibits at Hanbury St

Momentary Materiality, our latest art installation courtesy of Blink Art, is bringing a psychedelic vibe to our Hanbury Street office.

According to Blink: “Momentary Materiality brings together a spectrum of mixed media creations as large scale fabric designs exploring themes of the cosmos and a metaphysical enquiry into what is beyond our human realm of existence. Momentary Materiality is a breezy psychedelic rainbow of hope.”

The work comes from Chrissie Abbott, an interdisciplinary artist whose practice incorporates collage, animation, screen printing and digital processes. Big thanks to Chrissie and Blink for the stimulating work.

Lecture in Progress talks Engineered Insanity

Lecture In Progress, the advice and insight resource for young creatives, spoke with our Formula 1 creative team on the brand’s first ever global marketing campaign.

W+K creative trio Philippa Beaumont, Andrew Bevan and Freddy Taylor gave a behind the scenes look into the creative process of Engineered Insanity, which took fans closer than ever to the F1 action.

The team discussed the challenges and opportunities of working with F1’s huge archive library, dissecting fan feedback and aligning on Formula 1’s mission: “reshape the way people look at F1 and remind them it’s a sport centred around 20 madmen, hurtling around tarmac at over 215mph, in some of the most advanced machines on Earth.”

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