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Arse Vase for Positive East

To raise money and awareness for Positive East, Wieden+Kennedy London’s Freddy Taylor and Paddy Treacy teamed up with artist Fredrik Andersson to create the Arse Vase – a handmade ceramic vase that’s in the shape of a cheeky little arse.  They look like this:
Supported via our Spore Fund Scheme, which helps facilitate personal creative projects, the Arse Vase comes in three different colours: pink, tan and brown. Smooth or hairy. The vase was created to raise badly needed funds for Positive East, help fight the stigma around HIV in a playful way and raise awareness about the charity and the great work they do.
Ian Montgomery of Positive East said: “The money raised from the Arse Vases will enable us to provide direct care and activities – ranging from counselling to group support – to more than 1,700 people living with HIV in east London over the next year. It will also support our HIV prevention activities and allow us to provide 1,500 free, confidential and rapid HIV tests and provide sexual health information out in the community.”
Want an Arse Vase? The first edition has sold out, but you can add yourself to the waiting list at arsevase.com.

Wieden Academy

Yesterday saw W+K London go back to school as Wieden Academy opened for our annual Founders’ Day celebrations.

Classes were enrolled in traditional subjects with the occasional twist. Art became a life painting relay, chemistry was an excuse for a few drinks and home economics was more bun fight than Bake Off. Following a fiercely contested tug-of-war, with a few suspicious burly ringers putting in an appearance, the class with the most house points was rewarded with a well-deserved day off.

Dinner, drinks and dancing followed, with a surprise performance by Artful Dodger, dragging us back to the heady days of early UK garage. 

We had a brilliant day and night. Thank you Braxted Park for having us and Highjam for helping organise. And Artful Dodger for getting a lot of people pretty sweaty in a tent. 

The triumphant team