A couple of weeks ago we did some work with a couple of GCSE students from Haggerston School up the road in Hackney.


Hananya and Rachel both came to us through the Ideas Foundation. They run programmes designed to connect the creative industry with young people and offer them the chance to do work experience in companies that they may not previously considered.


Hananya and Rachel were taking part in an agency challenge. This meant that pairs of students from the school were sent to different agencies and given different briefs to work on. These were then judged by an expert panel. As well as spending time in the agency the students were sent on visits to different companies and organisations to get inspiration for their brief.


The Hothouse next to London Fields offered up their roof space as a media opportunity so the team had to think of ideas of what could go on it. Here is Emma our planner on Nike briefing the team at the Hothouse.



The girls were given a theoretical brief: trying to get more young people into running for Nike.


After a week of visits they then worked in our library for a couple of days and really impressed us with their thinking. Their idea went way beyond just using the space on the roof; instead they thought about an event and how to promote that in different channels as well as a very cool installation.


Their idea even included t-shirts. Here they are wearing a couple that they designed themselves….




The girls really impressed us with their creative thinking and understanding of the audience. They then had to go and present and did an amazing job.




They were narrowly beaten by another team but did get a special mention from the judges. We reckon their idea was brilliant and hope they enjoyed their visit.